On International Cat Day, people may enjoy cats, learn about their significance, and be reminded of the many benefits this lovely animal brings to the world.

Cat ownership has a beneficial impact on human health, improving cognitive and physical functioning, fostering mental health, and lowering stress levels.

7 % of cat owners said they obtained a cat for a cause directly related to the pandemic,like as being furloughed

Generally spending more time at home, according to the charity, Covid-19, which contributed to this data.

The most popular domesticated animals worldwide are cats and dogs.  This day can be viewed as an opportunity to celebrate the joy and companionship cats provide to their owners' lives.

Stray cats deserve the same amount of love and care as other animals. The vast majority of these cats are unfortunate and lead terrible lives.

Adopt a cat: A cat from the animal shelter is a good place to start. Instead than purchasing a cat, consider one that needs a home and love.

There is always the option of volunteering at a pet shelter if, for any reason, you are unable to adopt a cat. You will have a chance to form a bond with the animal.

You may show your cat how much you care by making this day extra special for them. As a reward, give your cats some of their favourite foods, such as tuna and other meals they like.

Cats sleep for more than half of their lives, according to a survey of cat owners. Cats have a 6-times-their-height jump capacity. Over 500 million cats are kept as pets.