Web browser DuckDuckGo, which prioritises privacy, has announced that Microsoft tracking scripts on third-party websites will now be protected from loading by its third-party tracker loading

There are many search engines available, but not all of them are created equal. The most popular search engine is Google, which receives billions of searches every day.

Apple users can use the native search engine of the Safari browser. Alternatively, the built-in search features of the incredibly safe Brave browser limit the acquisition of your data.

Recently, the search engine underwent several changes. Continue reading to see how it is enhancing the security of your personal information and search data.

In a recent blog post, the business's creator, Gabriel Weinberg, responds to the allegations, saying that in terms of online monitoring, the company "did not match their expectations."

For the first modification, blocking identifying tracking scripts from Google and Facebook will now now be part of the "3rd-Party Tracker Loading Protection," which also now includes Microsoft.

Another modification the business will implement over the next few days will improve the way all online tracking safeguards are described on a new help page.

Additionally, it is making its list of tracker protections accessible to the public so that you can know what kinds of data DuckDuckGo blocks.

According to Kamyl Bazbaz, VP of communications at DuckDuckGo, the browser already blocks the majority of Microsoft scripts, as reported by The Verge in an email.

This week's upgrade won't be able to stop scripts for bat.bing.com from loading just after a user clicks on a DuckDuckGo search ad.